New books out now and coming soon

New book news: covers of Joe's three new books

The Handbook of Research on Science Learning Progressions is now available with a 20% discount! Use code EFLY01 when ordering through Routledge Publishers. 

Edited by Hui Jin, Duanli Yan, and Joseph Kracik, this handbook offers  "a comprehensive resource on the most recent advances in research surrounding the theories, methodologies, and applications of science learning progressions".


Uses of Artificial Intelligence in STEM Education is packed with insights from leading experts, this manual takes a deep dive into AI and STEM education and unlocks AI's power (and pitfalls) in STEM. 

Available to pre-order through Oxford University Press.


Creating and Using Instructionally Supportive Assessments for NGSS Classrooms empowers science teachers to create tasks that guide students to use their knowledge, not just memorize facts. The NGSA design process transforms assessments into valuable classroom tools that teachers can use to chart how students’ learning builds with instruction over time.

Not just another set of guidelines, this step-by-step approach provides a pathway for creating tasks that will support, engage, and encourage students in NGSS classrooms. This book will help ignite a spark of excitement in your science students. 

Order from NSTA