Project-Based Learning in the Washington Post

Photo of students outdoors doing a project using aluminum foil and sunlight

"Project-based learning, at least in some schools, is much better now. The best lessons have students work on projects that are tied to a real-world scenario and also teach core academic content. Astonishingly, some teachers are letting students learn from frustration and failure, something that probably would have helped me at that age" says Jay Mathews, an education columnist for The Washington Post. Mr. Mathews has worked at the Post for almost fifty years, created the annual Challenge Index rankings of high schools, and has written nine books.

We are delighted that CREATE's Multiple Literacies in Project-Based Learning research is highlighted in his recent editorial, along with several other Project-Based Learning teams, all of whom have received funding and support from Lucas Education Research, the research arm of the George Lucas Educational Foundation

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