Two new NSF projects in CREATE!

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CREATE for STEM is delighted to announce two new awards received from the National Science Foundation! 

Learning Progressions for Middle School Science is a three-year project that will develop and test a learning progression for middle school physical science that incorporates the three dimensions identified in Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): the Disciplinary Core Ideas of matter, interaction, and energy; the Science and Engineering Practices of constructing explanations and developing and using models; and the Crosscutting Concepts of cause and effect and systems and system models. Dr. Peng He is the P.I. Congratulations, Peng!

Automatic Feedback of Constructed Response Assessments is a four-year project that will study the effects of automated feedback provided to students on the Learning Progressions (LP)-aligned formative assessments along validated NGSS-aligned LP's. The automatic feedback tool paired with the NGSS-aligned LP will be immediately useful for hundreds of Interactions teachers and thousands of their students across the United States. Dr. Kevin Haudek is the P.I. Congratulations, Kevin!